About StarVision Sports

Our goal is to prove our dedication and reliability to you the customer, and to involve you in our exciting new opportunities this year. We have staff and facilities already in place to carry out the tournaments we have promised. We hope to see you soon at one or many of our events this year.

Organizing and operating competitive events to build online communities.
Star Vision Sports creates and operates the largest, best run competitive events on the planet. We provide youth, club, and adult teams with unique and challenging competitive experience in an exciting and fun environment.

We provide our operating partners with tools and technology that streamline and simplify the challenges of setting up, marketing, and operating those events, so operators can focus on the game and the quality of the experience for the participants. We provide video, audio, and rich media coverage of the event on our web sites, both live and as replays, so the friends and family of the participants can share in the experience from anywhere on the planet.

We provide online community for our competitors and spectators so they can continue and expand the friendships and connections they made at our events. We provide our sponsors with extremely targeted audiences and the ability to reach that audience with rich multi-media messages before, during, and long after the events occur.

The History of StarVision

Prompted by the decision of the former founder to leave "Vision Sports" and pursue other opportunities, "StarVision Sports" employs the same individuals that ran previous “Vision Sports” events. We have the same dates, locations, and resources as years past. StarVision Sports was formed by a group of individuals that branched off from Vision Sports, including former board members and executive staff. Recognizing a need to continue the higher level of integrity demonstrated by its original founder, our team of employees at StarVision Sports has an unsurpassed commitment to each and every individual that attends and participates in our events. In today’s environment of scarce accountability, we share a common thread of loyalty to continue to grow and develop the youth sports industry in a professional and ethical manner. We commit to this so that children of all ages can experience the amazing attributes sports itself instills in our youth.

Each and every employee of StarVision Sports has either had their own children participate in team sports throughout their school years, or are college graduates who themselves have participated in various sectors of the sports industry. This has given them the expertise and insight into the needs of the players and coaches. Anthony Manor, our Western Region Events Director has a strong background in the youth sports industry. Starting with working for the city of Las Vegas in the Leisure Services Department, and on to developing and maintaining youth basketball camps, tournaments and venues. We believe our “team” as a whole provides an amazing amount of talent, not coincidentally related to the very industry we are so dedicated to expanding.

StarVision Sports members have a unique opportunity to “relive” our own youth and continue to spread the power of team building, leadership, sharing, competing, and basking in the glory of a win, as well as learning to build upon a loss.

For parents and coaches looking for the ideal opportunity to compete in an exciting, quality controlled environment, StarVison Sports can be trusted to deliver the same quality events that you’ve seen in the past.